How to Reset LG Soundbar

If your LG Soundbar is not working as it should, there is a very simple process you can follow to reset it.

How to Reset LG Soundbar

The best way to do this is to turn it off, wait five minutes, and then turn it back on. Once it is on, you will need to go to the main menu and select “System Settings.” From here, you will need to select “Sound,” and then “Reset Soundbar.” After this is done, your soundbar should work properly once again.

How to Reset LG Soundbar without Remote

For many people, their LG Soundbar is an integral part of their home cinema setup. Unfortunately, over time, the Soundbar may start to malfunction or not play audio properly. In some cases, this may be due to a stuck or blocked speaker. In order to reset your LG Soundbar, follow these steps:

1. With the Soundbar powered off, press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds until the power light starts to blink slowly.
2. Release the power button and wait 5 seconds.
3. Press the reset button on the Soundbar. This will start the Soundbar in reset mode and should fix any audio issues.
4. If the reset does not fix the problem, then you may need to replace the Soundbar.

How to Reset LG Soundbar with Remote

If your LG Soundbar is not working as it should, there is a chance that you can reset it with the help of a remote. The procedure is as follows:

From the main menu of your Soundbar, select “Settings.”

Select “Remote Control.”

Select “Reset Soundbar.”

Enter your password if prompted.

Select “Yes” to confirm.

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